PPE Materials

For over 40 years, our family owned mill has produced domestic textiles for the home furnishings and transportation industries. We are now honored to provide the medical industry with quality reusable PPE fabrics woven in the United States.

ANSI/AAMI PB 70 Standard level 1 & 2 washable fabric

Dickson Medical Clinic

Gastonia, NC

"As a small town veterinarian office, I was going through over 15 disposable gowns a day! Revolution RX gowns are a game changer for me. After a surgery, I wash the gown with alittle soap/ water and send it to get autoclaved. It is ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Best product I've seen in years!"

Rick Hovis

Dickson Animal Clinic

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What AAMI level of products are available?

We currently manufacturer PPE textiles being used to produce AAMI level 1 & 2 washable gowns. Our proprietary yarn system and woven construction, combined with our silver ion antimicrobial technology will provide lasting protection and performance that will not wash out.

Are your fabrics suitable for face masks?

Our PPE fabrics are not suitable for the production of N-95 masks. We do make a general face covering fabric for non-medical masks and face coverings. Our polypropylene mask fabric contains the same yarn and silver ion antimicrobial technology as our PPE fabrics. Contact us to get a sample and pricing.

How many times can I wash the fabric?

Our fabrics can be washed 30 times without losing performance.

What are the cleaning instructions?

Unlike other PPE Fabrics, our cleaning instructions are simple, fast, use very little energy, and thoroughly sterilize the fabric.

Pretreat Heavy Stains With Water And Bleach Solution.
Wash Fabric on Permanent Press Wash Cycle (105+-5F) for 10 minutes With Laundry Detergent And Bleach.
Dry Fabric On Permanent Press Cycle For 20 Minutes. ( 150+-10F)
( For industrial drying, longer cycles at 160F can be used without damaging fabric)
100% Bleach Solution Will Not Damage Fabric. Even Dark Colors.
Do not use Fabric Softeners.

Do not dry clean as dry cleaning solvent will damage fibers.
Fabric should not be dried at temperatures over 250 degrees F.
Drying over 250 will compromise the fabric.

Do you offer a wholesale discount for bulk buying?

Yes, Please contact us and we will find a pricing solution for you.

Stock & Lead Times

We are currently experiencing high demand for our PPE fabrics. Please contact Revolution for availability and lead times because our looms are making more everyday.


What fiber content is your fabric?

Our PPE fabric is made of 100% polypropylene fiber woven by us at our mill in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Our proprietary yarn system was invented by us with our partners to create a 100% made in the U.S.A. supply chain. The yarn is produced within 300 miles of our mill. Our yarn system, engineering, and weaving expertise makes Revolution RX a truly unique product that is very different from non woven PPE products.

Do your products pass AATCC 42?

Yes, Our level 1 and 2 fabric pass AATCC 42 . Test results are available upon request.

Do your products Pass AATCC 127

Yes, Our level 2 fabric passes AATCC 127. Test results are available upon request.

What other certifications does your product have?

We are currently in testing for a number of different accreditation organizations. Our product currently holds a Greenguard Gold Certification.

Is your yarn made in the United States?

Yes, our PPE fabric are 100% woven and finished in the U.S.A. with yarn made in the United States. Even the raw polypropylene comes from the United States. We are proud to make a made textiles in the U.S.A.


How long has STI Fabrics been in business?

Our mill started weaving textiles in 1964. We are proud to weave textiles in the United States. We have pivoted our business durning this time to help the medical community.

What is your current PPE capacity?

We can produce 150,000 yards a week at our PPE facility with the ability to expand quickly.

How do I order?

Please contact us with your PPE request. We will connect you with a representative and our AP department.

Once terms are established, you will be assigned a customer service representative that will walk you through the ordering process.

Shipping and Terms?

All prices quoted are FOB Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Please contact us for samples, pricing, and lead times.


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