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Specialty Textiles Incorporated (STI)

STI is a family owned company that started in Kings Mountain, North Carolina in a factory that has been making upholstery fabric since 1964. We currently employ nearly 400 people in North Carolina with good paying jobs & full benefits. We have several employees who have been with our company for nearly 60 years!

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Years of innovative solutions designed to improve people's lives.

  • 1964

    STI got its start in King's Mountain, NC by producing velvet fabrics for residential furniture manufacturers and commercial RV/ motorhome producers. By the early 1980's, STI employed around 42 people.


  • 1990

    Following industry trends in the early 1990's, STI moved away from velvet manufacturing for furniture and started producing fabrics for commercial transportation companies. In fact, if you travelled by airplanes, trains, or buses in the 90's there's a great chance you were sitting on fabrics made by STI.


  • 2000

    By the late 90's and early 00's, STI began moving away from the commercial fabric business and decided to focus on indoor, residential fabric manufacturing. They began creating fabrics for sofas, pillows, and other furniture pieces that were 100% cotton and soon after began producing a cotton/polyester blend.


  • 2014

    By 2014 STI disrupted the indoor furniture market by creating one of the first Polypropylene fabrics available to consumers, Revolution.

    Revolution Fabric is not only stain resistant and machine washable, it's also non-toxic. This means it's not only safe for you and your family, but also safe for the environment because there are no harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process.


Present and Beyond

In recent years, STI has started manufacturing residential outdoor fabrics that will hold up against even the harshest elements. With more people enjoying their backyards and patio areas, we project an increase in demand for these products and look forward to producing the fabric to help make them.

Environmental Impact.

STI is committed to producing non toxic, environmentally friendly fabrics that are safe for you and your family. Click the play button to find out how.


We believe in honesty, integrity, treating our employees with respect, and always remembering that we work for our customers to supply the very best fabrics, leather and services in terms of quality and value. This is the philosophy and guiding principles behind our operations, no matter where they are located in the world.


Positive Impact Starts Here.

From our hiring events to our work release programs, STI Fabrics is always looking for ways to give back to our community. To find out more information on how we give back to the community of King's Mountain, NC simply visit our Community page below.